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Past Presidents

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Sacramento Past Chapter Regional Officers

1973 – 1975 Regional Director Elnor Tillson
2001 – 2003 Regional Director Gretchen Garner-Easter
2005 – 2007 Regional Secretary/Treasurer Mary Bush
2007 – 2009 Regional Director Leslie Cox
2009 - 2010 Regional Nominating Committee Member Cassandra Pye
2009 - 2010 Regional Parliamentarian Terrell Mitchell

Past Chapter Presidents

Grace Morgan Jones – First Chapter President
Patricia Wilkerson
Patricia Wolfe
Emma Blackwell
Annette Craig
Gertrude Colbert
Bennie Johnson
Gloria Gilliard
Delores White
Elnor Tillson
Pauline Travis
Grace Valentine
Thelma Reamer Ellison
Carla Ford
Wilma Osborne
Dionne Lipscomb Brenda Smith
Susan Jenkins
Carol Borden
Jane (Enaj) Leotaud
Joanie Jones-Kelley
Terri Porter
Judy Lewis-Matlock
Gretchen Garner-Easter
Donna Cherry
Susan Andrews-Blanchette
Leslie Cox
Artavia Taylor
Cassandra Pye
Terrelle Mitchell
Carolyn Veal-Hunter
Dominique A. Bellow

Let's work, let's play, let's live together forever.

We're one big family of love with blessings from God up above.

Gain our children's trust, make them leaders we must, to believe in themselves, to achieve and excel.

Long live Jack and Jill.

"The Power to Make a Difference"
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